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Victor Werner

Victor Werner opened his gallery in 1986. At that time he specialized mainly in early-nineteenth-century European antiques and works of art. Since then, although the neoclassical style remains an important element in his collection, he has expanded his scope to include paintings, sculptures, furniture and objects from around 1800 up to the 20st century.

Victor Werner is a member of the Royal Belgian Chamber of Antique and Fine Art Dealers, of Brussels Art Square (BAS) and of the Antwerp event TOBE. He also participates in the Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA).

1. Gallery in Antwerp

Address: Schuttershofstraat nr 21, 1st floor, 2000 Antwerp:

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am until 6 pm or by appointment (+32 486 67 79 68)

Closed on Monday, Wednesday, Sunday and holidays

2. Gallery in Brussels

Address: Watteeustraat nr 16 1000 Brussels

Open: by appointment (+32 486 67 79 68)


Contact info:

Mobile: Victor Werner +32 486 67 79 68 




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